Ultimate Beginner Guitar Masterclass (2019 Update)

Ultimate Beginner Guitar Masterclass (2019 Update)

What you’ll learn

  • Learn chords that will allow you to play millions of songs
  • FREE BONUS – 42-page picture chord book included
  • Learn to choose the right guitar for you
  • Learn to tune the guitar with ease
  • Learn all the important strumming patterns
  • Learn acoustic guitar technique
  • Learn electric guitar technique
  • Learn to play lots of song chord progressions for the acoustic guitar
  • Learn to play epic electric guitar riffs
  • Get PDF support to many lessons
  • Learn tips and tricks and play with ease
  • Learn to play with more confidence
  • Learn how to practice properly
  • Learn and understand guitar gear
  • Learn how to set up an amp for great tone
  • Impress friends and family with your fast results


  • You need no prior knowledge to benefit from this course!


Welcome to this Beginner Guitar Masterclass!

This course is going to take you from ZERO to HERO in a very short amount of time. My name is Henry Olsen and I’ve been teaching guitar professionally for 5 years. I have 14 published Udemy courses and an average rating of 4.6! For this course I took all of my experience and feedback from thousands of students just like you and packed the best of the best into ONE 12 hour masterclass. Now you’ll have the benefit of a tested and retested learning method! I promise you FAST and EASY progress, and you’ll have a lot of FUN during the process 🙂

Imagine the next time someone asks you to pick up the guitar at a family gathering and NOW you can play songs everyone knows and enjoys with ease and confidence. You’ll be the star at the party and everyone will love you for it!  After you join this course, you won’t need to imagine anymore. I take you step-by-step and note-by-note through all the elements needed to make this a reality in a very short amount of time!!!

Every song lesson comes with a play-along feature, so after you’re done learning the song, I play it with you at a slow and comfortable tempo, and you’ll always have an easy time putting it into practical use.

The course also comes with a 42-page picture chord book, so you’ll have an easy time following along with all the lessons.

This method has WORKED for thousands of students and I know it will work for you!

Become the guitar player you’ve always dreamed of being and JOIN NOW!!!

You won’t regret it…

Here are what some of my students have said in the past!

“Just amazing, Can’t ask for more simple and easy step by step learning.
The good thing is I’m learning and the instructor is proving to be best. Glad
I found this course! Thank You, sir!”

“I have just completed this course and would comment accordingly.
Extremely well-constructed, laid out and balanced course, targeting all
The key areas of guitars and gear. The information and advice provided
by Henry Olsen provide the student with a sound grounding and prepares
Then for their journey ahead. I found the lectures most informative and
stimulating and has further invigorated me to explore some new aspects
of my playing too. Highly recommended, and I would urge anyone,
certainly a beginner, to work through this course. Thank you, Will.”

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for anybody who wants to learn to play the guitar and have FUN in the process!

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